Linux Mint (Ubuntu) Node.js Hacker Setup

September 2013

This guide is for a Node.js focused development environment for developers.

Advice, suggestions, pull requests, and comments can be filed on Github as issues.


If you are on a budget (e.g. $400-500), then use the following setup for a fast environment:


The instructions below install a complete tech stack including, but not limited to:

Get Started

You could also run these instructions inside a VirtualBox instance for evaluation.

  1. Download and install Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon 64-bit (use the torrent and remove from seeding once finished downloading).

  2. Log in, load a new terminal process (CTRL+SHIFT+T), and install the environment’s setup:

     wget -O - | sh
  3. Hit ENTER on prompts when needed (unfortunately add-apt-repository does not support -y flag and environment variable FORCE_ADD_APT_REPOSITORY=force doesn’t work; you have to hit ENTER a few times).

  4. Set up Git and Github configurations.

  5. Change default shell to ZSH:

     chsh -s `which zsh`
  6. Reboot.



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