60 Second User Retention with Node.js and MongoDB

June 2013

This is a quick example of exporting a collection with MongoDB and then sending user emails with Node.js.

  1. Export a JSON collection of all users:

    You can filter out specific fields with the -f option if needed (which is useful for variable-based email).

    Be sure to values for --port, --host, --db, -c (collection), -u, and -p.

     mongoexport --port 1337 --host something.mongohq.com --db your-db-name -c users -u 'YOUR-USERNAME' -p 'YOUR-PASSWORD' -f email --jsonArray > users.json
  2. Parse the JSON:

    The following JS snippet requires you install the NPM module for Postmark, but you can use an alternative such as email-templates.

     npm install postmark
     vim parse.js
     var postmark = require('postmark')('YOUR-API-KEY')
     var fs = require('fs')
     var path = require('path')
     var file = path.join(__dirname, 'users.json')
     var records = fs.readFileSync(file)
     records = JSON.parse(records)
     // you can comment the above and uncomment below to send a test email
     //var records = [{ email: 'niftylettuce@gmail.com' }]
     var text = "We noticed you signed up, but haven't yet integrated with our API at https://getprove.com/docs."
     text += "\n\n"
     text += "Did you need help or run into API issues?"
     text += "\n\n"
     text += "P.S. We'll give you 100 free additional credits if you get in touch."
     for(var i=0; i<records.length; i++) {
       var record = records[i]
         From: 'support@getprove.com',
         To: record.email,
         Tag: 'user-retention',
         Subject: 'Prove - Integrate today and earn 100 free additional credits',
         TextBody: text
       }, callback)
     function callback(err, success) {
       console.log('err', err, 'success', success)
  3. Send the emails:

     node parse

This snippet was used with a small project of mine called Prove.

Proves lets developers integrate phone verification and two-factor auth in minutes.


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